November 14, 2006

Former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says Iranian President Ahmadinejad is preparing another Holocaust

Speaking at a General Assembly of United Jewish Communities in Los Angeles, Benjamin Netanyahu urged the world to stop Iranian President Ahmadinejad who is preparing another Holocaust as the Islamic republic is racing to arm itself with nuclear weapons.

Speaking on Israeli army radio, Netanyahu said that Israel possesses the military capabilities necessary for curbing by itself the Iranian nuclear threat, declining to specify what this entails.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The warning by former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu that Iranian President Ahmadinejad is preparing another Holocaust for the Jewish people is in perfect alignment with Bible prophecy for the Last Days.

With the continuing radical rhetoric of Iranian President Ahmadinejad focused on the Jewish state of Israel, the world is witnessing the buildup to what Benjamin Netanyahu calls another Holocaust. In his recent speech, the former Israeli PM said that it's 1938 and Iran is Germany. Netanyahu said that the world must believe Ahmadinejad and stop him, everything else pales before this.

Netanyahu's warning is valid in light of the prophetic scenario for the Last Days that can be found in Bible prophecy. The ancient Jewish prophets, Ezekiel and Zechariah both speak to this issue. Ezekiel names Iran, the Persia of Ezekiel 38:5, as a key player in the alignment of nations to come against the Jewish state at the time of the End. Zechariah refers to a period of time yet in the future when two out of every three Jews will be killed, that's Zechariah 13:8. The Tribulation, that period of time coming, is also described in the book of Revelation as a time when many Jews will die, that's Revelation 12:13-17.

Benjamin Netanyahu's warning that Ahmadinejad is preparing for another Holocaust is correct biblically.