November 07, 2006

Middle Eastern terror groups call for a change in the Bush government as Americans go to the polls

For the last several weeks, the leaders of the radical Islamic terror groups in the Middle East have called for Americans to bring about a change in the present Bush government, believing such a change would see a dramatic change in US-Middle Eastern policy.

Islamic leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the insurgency in Iraq see an opportunity for a new US government to pull back from its plans to implement democracy in the Middle East and a reduction of its efforts to win the war on terrorism. These radical Islamic leaders see the unpopularity of President Bush and his Middle Eastern policies the key to their foreign policy changes that will open a door for their resistance to make headway in the short-term not only in the Middle East, but around the world.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As American go to the polls, the reality of human government as a major player in the End Times comes better into focus as revealed in Bible prophecy.

The God-given responsibility of casting your vote and electing the human leaders of your nation will be center stage around the world as Americans exercise that fundamental right. The heated debates along the campaign trail have excited an electorate that will make its wishes known to the Bush administration in the voting booth.

The US elections are a tangible proof of God's plan down through history and His plan for the future. It was God who established the institution of human government, Genesis 9:6 and the One who puts those in charge in their positions of leadership, that's Romans 13:1. God has used human government to fulfill His will in the past, and will do so in the future, Revelation 17:17.

In fact, it is the misuse of human government that will bring about the End Times and the return of Jesus Christ, as revealed in Revelation 18 where we have the prophetic scenario of a one-world economic, governmental, political system under the Devil's control and headquartered in Iraq, that is the end game for this world.