December 29, 2006

Plans for the EU's 50th birthday party in 2007 focused on the organization's disunity

The European Union (EU) has ditched plans to hold big-style celebrations for its 50th birthday party next year and will have two limited pan-European festivals for 2007 according to officials from member states, the European Commission, and the European Parliament.

This European celebration will mark the 50th celebration of the signing of the 1957 Treaty Rome which is the basis of the EU of today, an organization of 25 member states who are at a place where the member states need to ratify their proposed constitution in order to move ahead. The fragmented EU birthday picture is evident as member states stress that participation in the year long birthday party should not be compulsory.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Even though the 50th birthday celebration for the EU is somewhat fragmented, there will be a unity of European states in the future, according to Bible prophecy.

The announcement by officials of the EU member states, the European Commission, and the European Parliament that they plan to cut back on the year long celebration of their 50th anniversary brings into focus the disunity that pervades the organization. The efforts to ratify a constitution fell apart when France and the Netherlands rejected the present constitution. Germany who will hold the presidency of the EU in 2007, the year of the 50th birthday of the organization, has already announced its priority would be to get the ratification process back on track. However, the fact that Europeans will recognize the 50th birthday celebration even as fragmented as it will be, is evidence that there is hope for a revival of the great days of European unity once seen in our world during the times of the Roman Empire.

Bible prophecy reveals that an End Times scenario includes the emergence of an old or revived Roman Empire. Daniel 7 lays out in advance the great Gentile world powers including: the Babylonian, the Medo-Persian, the Grecian, and the Roman Empires which have already come and gone as Daniel predicted. Daniel also spoke of the revival of the Roman Empire in the Last Days, that's Daniel 7:7-8, 23-24.

The 50th anniversary celebration in Europe of the signing of the Treaty of Rome to take place in 2007 is indeed evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.