December 18, 2006

A Saudi study recently revealed says there is an Iranian Shiite state within the state of Iraq

A security report commissioned by the Saudi government reveals that Iran has effectively created a Shiite state within a state in Iraq providing both logistical support of armed militia groups and funding for social programs.

The 40 page report says that Iranian military forces are providing Shiite militias with weapons and training and that Tehran is actively supporting pro-Iranian politicians like Muqtada al Sadr, the radical Islamic cleric who heads up the Mahdi Army, the largest of the Iraqi militias.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The warning from Saudi Arabia of a Shiite state within the state of Iraq is evidence that Bible prophecy is getting closer to being fulfilled.

Recently, Saudi Arabia warned the US that if they pulled out of Iraq and left a vacuum of restraint, the Saudis would rush to the support of the minority Sunnis in Iraq. Now, with the revealed report commissioned by Saudi Arabia on the Iraq end fighting between the Sunnis and the Shiites, the Saudis are more determined to sure up the Sunnis with whatever is needed to assure the Iraqi people they can resist an Iranian type Shiite-Islamic republic which would be a nation under the strict Islamic Sharia Law. This move by Saudi Arabia will only enhance the possibility for a sectarian civil war to be full blown in the near future in Iraq. This type of scenario would call for a strong leader to come to power in Iraq, somewhat of a benevolent dictator to bring stability to this war-torn country. That scenario is a page out of Bible prophecy.

Revelation 18 reveals that Iraq, which is biblical Babylon, will become the center of a one-world, economic, political, governmental system headed up by a dictator known in the Scriptures as Antichrist. According to Isaiah 13-14, the book of Jeremiah 50-51, and Revelation 16-18, Iraq does indeed have a future for the Last Days.

This recently revealed Saudi report does set the stage for these Bible prophecies to be fulfilled.