January 19, 2007

China is facing international criticism over a weapons test that was carried out on a space satellite

The US, Canada, Australia, and Japan have expressed much concern over China's test of an anti-satellite system launched at China's space center as it destroyed the Chinese Polar Orbit weather satellite orbiting at more than five hundred miles above the Earth.

While the technology is not new, the test does underline the growing capabilities of China's armed forces which means that China now has technology to shoot down a spy satellite operated by other nations. There are growing concerns internationally about China's rising military, especially in light of Beijing's closely guarded secret defense spending which has grown rapidly in recent years.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The test firing by China of a weapon used to destroy a satellite in space is a stark reminder that there will be a major role played by the Chinese in the Last Days, that is according to Bible prophecy.

The Chinese have been, in the last several years, accelerating their military readiness and weapons arsenal. The Chinese have agreements with all of the oil producing nations of the Middle East and have secured the waterways from the Middle East to the Far East to keep China's oil supply flowing. The military budget for China is a closely guarded secret, but most analysts believe China has become a superpower militarily. Now, if the reports are true, China has a capability for warfare in space.

Bible prophecy does not name China anywhere in the prophetic Scriptures, but does elude to them as one of the kings of the East as recorded in Revelation 16:12. Revelation 16 reveals the release of the seventh vial judgment that takes place at the end of the Tribulation Period, a seven year period of judgment yet future. Vial judgment number six is at a time near the return of Jesus Christ, a time when all the armies of the world will be gathering at Jerusalem, that's Zechariah 14:2. The kings of the East, which includes China, will go to join with the Antichrist to endeavor to defeat Jesus when He returns to Jerusalem.

China does have a major role in the End Times.