January 05, 2007

French President Chirac says the Middle East has become the epicenter of international tensions at the gates of Europe

In what is likely one of his last major foreign policy addresses, French President Chirac has called for an international conference to help restore Middle East stability saying that at the gates of Europe, the Middle East has become the epicenter of international tensions.

The French president said that war in Iraq set off upheavals whose effects have not yet been fully played out, adding that the conflict in the wider region could produce a confrontation on an unimaginable scale. Chirac said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict crystallizes all these resentments and added that the international community had to act to restore the peace process by reviving the so-called Quartet's Road Map Peace Plan.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Increasing calls by world leaders to revive the Quartet's Road Map Peace Process in the Middle East is a precursor to the Last Days scenario for this region that is found in Bible prophecy.

In a meeting between German Chancellor Merkel and US President Bush, the two world leaders said they must play a role in reviving the Road Map Peace Process proposed by the Quartet which is made up of the US, the Eu, the UN, and Russia. British PM Tony Blair, during his recent trip throughout the Middle East, also said that there must be a major effort to restart the Quartet's Peace Plan. Now, French President Chirac is joining the chorus of world leaders who believe the tensions in the Middle East demand that the Quartet's Road Map Peace Process be revived and great effort must be put forward to bring an early resolution of the Israeli peace conflict and the other Middle East tensions.

This scenario is a stage-setter for the prophetic scenario that can be found in God's Word for this region at this time. The ancient Jewish prophet Daniel prewrote history as he foretold of the time that a peace maker would step forward to bring peace to the Middle East. That peace maker is known as the Antichrist in Scripture and Daniel's prophecy of Daniel 9:27 reveals that it will be a short-lived peace that is put in place. Daniel 7:7-8 reveals that this Antichrist comes out of the revived Roman Empire which is the EU today.

French President Chirac's call for Middle East peace does indeed set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.