February 09, 2007

Hamas and Fatah have agreed to a unity government for one billion dollars

Saudi Arabia has promised to fund the new Palestinian Unity government with one billion dollars in aid to the unity government that has been agreed upon which had eluded Fatah and Hamas for a number of months; however, the agreement will not require Hamas to abide by previous agreements signed between the PLO and Israel.

Israeli Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres issued a statement saying that a united Palestinian government without a united policy in favor of peace does not solve any problem, the Palestinians need to form a government, Peres said, that will embark on a new path towards peace.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The recent agreement between Fatah and Hamas, the two factions of the Palestinian people, to form a unity government is actually a step towards the scenario found in Bible prophecy for the Palestinian people.

For a number of months, the two factions of the Palestinian body politic - Hamas and Fatah - have been on again and off again in their efforts to form a Palestinian unity government. Even though there is somewhat of a unity government, the agreement allows for Hamas to continue leading the Palestinian Authority without recognizing Israel's right to exist. This story is right in line with a scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy for the Palestinian people.

The ancient Jewish prophet Malachi revealed that these people, the Edomites - today's Palestinians - would return and rebuild which has been the case over the last seventy five years, that's found in Malachi 1:4. Malachi then records the words of God towards the Edomites, that their borders would become the borders of wickedness and that He would have indignation against the Palestinian people forever, and that is also found in Malachi 1:4. God has promised judgment against the Edomites - the Palestinian people of today- in the prophetic books of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Malachi, and Obadiah. The reason that judgment is coming is because the Edomites are killing the Jewish people and taking their land.

Time will tell if there is really going to be a Palestinian unity government, but one thing's for sure, Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.