February 20, 2007

Israel's Chief of Military Intelligence is telling the Israeli Knesset that Hezbollah is stronger than before the war of last summer

General Yossi Baidatz - the head of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Intelligence wing - told the Knesset Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense that Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon has not only returned to its prewar capabilities, but they have even become stronger.

It was only a few days ago that Hezbollah terrorist chieftain Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah bragged publicly about the continuing smuggling of weapons into Southern Lebanon and Nasrallah added that Hezbollah would not disarm as called for in the ceasefire agreement that ended last summer's war.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Military intelligence in Israel indicates that Hezbollah and its partner states are ready once again to attack Israel, which is exactly what Bible prophecy calls for at this time in history.

To bring an end to the thirty-four day war between Israel and Hezbollah this last summer, the world forced the two parties to recognize a cease fire that called for Hezbollah to disarm and for Israel to pull its troops out of Lebanon. The IDF did pull out of Southern Lebanon and setup a monitoring system to see that Hezbollah did not rearm. All the reports not only goes from Israel, but also the European peace keepers in Southern Lebanon stated that Hezbollah was rearming, receiving new munitions and additional Katyusha rockets from Iran transported through Damascus with the Syrians facilitating the rearming of Hezbollah. However, this report also confirms the intel that says that Iran, Syrian, and Lebanon - i.e. Hezbollah - are preparing for the next phase of this war.

The Bible weighs in on this scenario as well in the book of Psalms chapter 83. The Psalmist is praying for God to not be silent as His enemies and the enemies of the Jewish people say they want to destroy the Jewish state and that it not be remembered forever, that's verse 4 of Psalm 83. The parties listed who will come to destroy Israel are Iran, the Hagarenes of verse 6, the people of Tyre, Lebanon today in verse 7, and Assur, the Syrian people of today found in verse 8.

The IDF Intelligence report is right on track.