March 05, 2007

On the Jewish holy day of Purim, the leader of modern-day Persia threatens the Jews

Jews around the world have been celebrating the Jewish holy day of Purim from the historic events recorded in the Biblical book of Esther and as they gather together with their families these Jews recognized the modern-day threat that was prevalent in Biblical times as recorded in the book of Esther.

The book of Esther is historically unfolding during the period of the Persian Empire 2500 years ago. But many in the Jewish community say that with Iran and her president, Ahmadinejad, in the news as they are today and Ahmadinejad's statements calling for the destruction of the Jewish state and the Jewish people, they see many similarities to the book of Esther. They are saying that Iran is modern-day Persia and President Ahmadinejad seems to be very much like the villain of the book of Esther, the evil Haman.

Jimmy DeYoung's Prophetic Prospective

The days of the book of Esther, 2500 years ago, are actually playing out in our world today as the Jews are in danger of being completely annihilated - according to Bible prophecy.

The Biblical book of Esther which is read in the Jewish synagogues on the holy day Purim, a special Jewish holy day, tells the story of how the Persian King Ahasuerus wrote the law of the Medes and the Persians to have all the Jewish people in his kingdom killed. Had it not been for the king's Jewish wife Esther, who had come into the kingdom just at the right time, the Jews would have been annihilated. Haman's plan to eliminate all of the Jews worldwide would have come to pass.

If this story sounds familiar, it should. It is almost in lockstep with the activities of the leader of modern-day Iran, President Ahmadinejad. The Iranian president wants to remove all the Jews from the earth. Ahmadinejad fits the part of Haman in the plot of Esther.

The unseen hand of God both in the book of Esther and in real life will indeed protect the Jewish people from complete annihilation. Haman did not win and Ahmadinejad will not win either. God will protect his people for his purpose.

As the Jews celebrate the holy day of Purim and look at the same scenario of Esther's day unfolding in our world today as it relates Iran, the Persia of Biblical times, Bible prophecy is closer than ever to being fulfilled.