April 30, 2007

The IDF Chief says a Gaza incursion is inevitable and Hezbollah is closing on Israel's northern border

The Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) General Gabi Ashkenazi told the Israeli Cabinet that the only solution to the continued Palestinian rocket attacks into Israel Proper is to implement a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip.

Also during the briefing, Ashkenazi reported that Hezbollah is trying to cross over the Litani River and into Southern Lebanon, despite the ban of such action as set forth in the UN resolution 1701 which is the cease-fire agreement for the IDF-Hezbollah conflict of last summer.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The warning to the Israeli Cabinet from the IDF chief of staff that Hamas in the South and Hezbollah in the North are both preparing for a major conflict fits the prophetic scenario written thousands of years ago for today and according to Bible prophecy, it will come to pass.

Since the confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah this last summer, there have been rumors that there may well be a repeat performance of this conflict again this coming summer. In fact, there are some very profound rumors that the conflict could begin within the next several weeks. With the report to the Israeli Cabinet from IDF Chief of Staff General Gabi Ashkenazi that the IDF must enter the Gaza Strip and that Hezbollah is headed towards the Israeli northern border, another major conflict seems to be in the making.

Couple this report with the word from Syria that they will take the Golan Heights, either diplomatically or by military force, and you have the prophetic scenario found in God's Word written down centuries ago by ancient Jewish prophets. Daniel wrote that Syria would make the first move against Israel in a major attack, that's Daniel 11:40-43. The Psalmist in a prophetic pronouncement said in Psalm 83 that Syria would be joined by Iran, the patron for Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon, and by the Palestinians, the Hamas terror group in the South, the Gaza Strip area.

With the report to the Israeli Cabinet from the IDF Chief of Staff General Gabi Ashkenazi it is very plain to see that the stage is set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.