April 17, 2007

Several European leaders say the EU does not need a constitution

The British and Dutch PMs (Prime Ministers) say that the EU does not need a whole new constitution, just limited changes to existing treaties with the focus on changes that will make the EU work better.

Amending existing treaties could include a clarification of the divisions of power between the member-states and also the rules for enlargement of the EU as well as the proposal to divide the member-states into regions for the purpose of managing the emerging super power. Either a EU constitution or amended treaties must include: an EU president, a foreign minister with a stated foreign policy, the continuation of a common monetary system with the Euro as its currency, and an expanding military force.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The call by the British and Dutch PMs for no EU constitution, but instead changing the existing treaties to confirm the establishment of the super state of Europe is in line to fulfill the prophetic scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy for the Last Days.

During the 50th anniversary year of the EU, many EU leaders are working to bring together the dream of the founders who signed the Treaty of Rome fifty years ago. It seems to be a consensus among the EU member-states that the permanent president must be a strong leader so that he can impact the world as he has at his hand in this super state a common currency and a military force that is getting stronger day by day.

Does it seem to you that I'm reading from the pages of Bible prophecy - the pages that reveal the revived Roman Empire of the future - as I give this report? Daniel 7 describes the coming revived Roman Empire with the Antichrist as a strong leader who will setup a power base in Europe. This Antichrist will have a large military might at his disposal and a super state with a common monetary system, exactly what is emerging in the infrastructure of the EU.

As the British and Dutch Pms see it, with a few changes in the treaties, this super state will be in place.