April 04, 2007

The UN's new Sec-Gen. has expanded his authority during his recent Middle East trip

The UN's new Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, made a start at putting a stamp of personal authority on his new job in a recent fast-paced Middle East trip as he visited some of the most fractious and confounding areas of his new responsibility.

Ban sought out leaders from countries that make a habit of snubbing the UN as he visited: Egypt, Israel, the Palestinian areas, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, as he was greeted in palaces and airport ceremonies where he was met by full dressed military displays that welcome heads of state. The secretary general demonstrated his ambitions in the compromising world of international diplomacy and recognized his power resides in enhancing key proposals with international legitimacy and respectability.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The show of expanded authority displayed by the Middle East trip of the UN's new secretary general was a prototype of the coming world leader revealed in Bible prophecy.

On becoming Secretary General of the UN last January, Ban Ki Moon cautioned people not to mistake his Asian modesty for indecisiveness. The first public pronouncement made by Mr. Ban was focused on the Middle East and resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The secretary general's recent Middle East trip did indeed put his own personal stamp of authority on his new responsibilities. Often regarded as indecisive, the UN - under the leadership of Ban Ki Moon - promises to have a more take charge attitude along with its international legitimacy and respectability. A strong world leader at the head of an international, governmental, political body is indeed a prototype of the coming world dictator known in biblical prophecy as the Antichrist.

Daniel and John the Apostle, both Jewish prophets, speak of this world leader and his take charge attitude. Daniel 11:36-39 says that this coming dictator will be a powerful leader that is a military genius and focuses his authority on the Middle East. John, in Revelation 13, 17, and 18 reveals how this coming world leader, the Antichrist, will bring peace to the Middle East in collaboration with a one-world religion and a one-world government headquartered in Europe or the Middle East.

Ban Ki Moon's recent Middle East trip does set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.