May 09, 2007

The Dead Sea is quickly approaching a major catastrophic disaster

The Minister of Water in the Jordanian government says that a Dead Sea disaster is quickly approaching what is being termed a catastrophe which would harm the entire surrounding ecosystem of the Dead Sea as well as the economy from its minerals extracted from the Dead Sea and the site as a world culture and religious heritage.

The famous salty sea which lies at the earth's lowest point is shrinking at a point of three feet a year, and has been doing so for the past twenty-five years. Jordan, the Palestinians, and the Israelis are involved in a joint project, the Red-Dead Project, that would bring water from the Read Sea to the Dead Sea to help replenish its water supply; however, the collapse of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and continuing violence have put the brakes on the Red-Dead Project.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The catastrophic disaster that could result from the drying up of the Dead Sea is beyond political, it's prophetically significant.

With the slow down of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process comes the potential for not only a political disaster, but an ecological disaster as well. The recently suggested Red-Dead Project has the potential to not only revive the peace process, but be a fix to the ecosystem in the Dead Sea region and the economic situation in the area as well. The Dead Sea, the lowest spot on the face of the earth, some 1,400 ft. below sea level, is one of the greatest economic providers for the Jordanians and the Israelis, and could be a great source of revenue for the Palestinians in the future. The financial benefit to the Jordanians, the Israelis, and the Palestinians is enormous if the three parties can quit fighting and sit down together to work on the Red-Dead Project.

Bible prophecy indicates, however that these three parties will not be able to work together, that's found in Malachi 1:1-4, Ezekiel 35, and the little prophetic book of Obadiah. However, Bible prophecy seems to be pointing to the great wealth in the Dead Sea that could well be the hook in the jaw to bring Israel's enemies into the Jewish state and may be the source for the gold and silver of Ezekiel 38:13.

A solution for the potential catastrophe at the Dead Sea will indeed play a part in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.