May 18, 2007

The President of the European Commission warned Russia about EU Unity

Speaking at the conclusion of the EU-Russian Summit, the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, told Russia that any problems it has with an independent EU state will be a problem with the whole of the EU.

The EU-Russian Summit was to be focused on disputes between Moscow and Brussels over the status of Kosovo, energy supplies, and trade, but it was overshadowed by Moscow's conflict with countries including Estonia and Poland. The President of the European Commission with the backing of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who now holds the EU's rotating presidency, told Russia that the EU was based on principles of solidarity.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The recently held EU-Russian Summit was a stage where two major players in the End Times came together to discuss the future, a future that has already been foretold in Bible prophecy.

The EU has over the last decade become a major player in word affairs and is presently expanding into what could well be the play caller on the international field of world events. In that same ten years, Russia - under the leadership of Vladimir Putin - has surfaced as the mover and shaker in Middle East arms supply and security, and with President Putin at the head of state it looks to continue expanding its influence.

This scenario described in this report sounds very similar to a prophetic scenario for the Last Days that can be found in Bible prophecy. Russia is set in prewritten history to be the leader of a coalition of nations, most of them in the Middle East today who will move to destroy Israel, Ezekiel 38:2-6. The EU is at least the infrastructure for the fulfillment of Daniel's prophecy pertaining to the revived Roman Empire, Daniel 7:8-26.

Daily, these two world powers, Russia and the EU, move closer to the prophetic scenario as described by the ancient Jewish prophets.