May 07, 2007

The Turkish Parliament has failed to elect a president

Turkey's parliament has failed for a second time to elect the Islamist-rooted governing party's candidate for president and the Turkish Foreign Minister (FM) Abdullah Gul has withdrawn his candidacy after the vote was rendered invalid.

The governing party's leader PM Tayip Erdogan has called for early elections in July and has proposed electoral reforms including new legislation that would have the president elected directly by the Turkish people instead of by the parliament. Hundreds and thousands of Turkish protesters backed by the Turkish military have been opposed to FM Gul's election because of his strong Islamist ideology which is also the same as the Turkish PM.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The failed attempt to have an Islamist candidate elected as president of Turkey is evidence that human government is involved in the stage setting for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

In the face of massive demonstrations in Turkey opposing the election of an Islamist to become the new Turkish president, Turkey's FM Abdullah Gul has withdrawn his candidacy for president of a largely secular Islamic state. The Turkish military has placed itself as the custodian for a secular Islamic state in the Middle East, the state of Turkey. When FM Gul, a member of the Islamist political party of the now Turkish PM Erdogan, failed to get enough votes to be elected for the second time, the FM withdrew from the presidential race.

This report has revealed the Islamist party as a political party wanting to lead Turkey into an Islamic republic. The report also reveals the role that both Turkey and human government will play in the Last Days as recorded in Bible prophecy. Ezekiel 38:2, 6 mention Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, and Togarmah which are the biblical names for modern-day Turkey. Revelation 17:17 shows that human government has a powerful impact during the End Times as well. Human government was ordained by God - Genesis 9:6 - and has been used to set the stage for the End Time events of Bible prophecy.

Both Turkey and human government have moved the Middle East region into a place where Bible prophecy can be fulfilled.