June 25, 2007

European leaders agree on a treaty that will establish a superstate and a powerful president.

During a two day summit in Brussels, Belgium, European leaders agreed on a treaty that will replace their former constitution with an outline for the twenty-seven member states after some compromises and which was brought about after all members made some concessions.

This new treaty that goes into effect in 2009 will establish the United States of Europe and a position of permanent president for an organization of nations that will be economically, politically, and militarily very powerful.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The new European treaty will set in place a superstate and a powerful president that is in lock-step with Bible prophecy for the last days.

During the year long celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the European Union, the member states, some twenty-seven states, were determined to come up with a solution to their failed constitution and they have done so with their agreement to the European Union treaty that will preserve many of the key features of the failed constitution.

The new treaty will bring to power a superstate that will be a force in our world economically, politically, and militarily. The treaty also calls for a permanent president of the European Union that will place a world leader on the world stage in a very powerful position.

Even as I report this new development, my mind is rushing to the prophetic scenario that can be found in God's Word that is almost word for word for the upcoming European Union.

Daniel, the ancient Jewish prophet wrote in his prophecy in Daniel 7 that there would be a revival of the old Roman Empire. That's Daniel 7:7-8 and also verses 23-24.

The "ten horns" of this passage are the Revived Roman Empire yet to come. And the "little horn" of Daniel's prophecy the anti-christ, the world leader yet to come to power. This Revived Roman Empire will be led by the anti-christ and he will be powerful politically, economically, and militarily.

The treaty for the European Union that brings about a superstate and a powerful president does indeed set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.