June 29, 2007

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia avoids PA President Abbas at summit

In a state visit, the first in 25 years, to Jordan King Abdullah, the Saudi monarch met with Jordan's King Adbullah and was briefed on the four-way summit that took place at Sharmel-Shek in Egypt where they publicly stated support for the new Palestinian government that was put in place by the PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Saudi king avoided any meeting with Abbas which many pundents are saying was a deliberate snub of the PA president; and in reaction to Abbas' naming of a new government, a result of the uprising led by Hamas to take control of the Gaza Strip.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

It was a very interesting development when the Saudi King Abdullah snubbed the PA President Mahmoud Abbas especially in light of the prophetic scenario for these two peoples that can be found in Bible prophecy.

The leaders of Saudi Arabia have a long time record of support for the armed struggle led by the terrorist element of the Palestinian people against what they call Israeli occupation. The Saudis sent millions of dollars to the families of suicide bombers who killed Israelis during the reign of Yasser Arafat. It must be remembered that Saudi Arabia is the homeland of the founder of Islam and the location of its two most sacred pieces of real estate, mecca and Medina. This deliberate snub of PA President Mahmoud Abbas by Saudi King Abdullah is indicative of the End Times scenario that will unfold in the Middle East according to the ancient Jewish prophets.

The oil rich nation of Saudi Arabia is a member-state of the Alignment of Nations that come against Israel in the Last Days, Psalm 83:6. They are known as the Ishmaelites. Islam is the lowest common denominator in the list of nations that form the End Times coalition of nations (Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11), and Saudi Arabia is the mother of Islam.

This deliberate snub of the PA president by Saudi King Abdullah is a precursor to the prophetic scenario that will be fulfilled in the Last Days.