July 05, 2007

Al Qaeda's #2 says that the end of the West is imminent

In a newly released video tape message similar to a "fireside chat," al Qaeda's second in command issued advise and directives for the Muslim world which said that the defeat of the West is imminent stating that the enemy is trying to forestall the inevitable.

Al Zawahiri, the number two in al Qaeda, on the video advises Muslims in Iraq and the Palestinian territory and renews a call for young men to join the jihad, reminding Muslims that jihad is their responsibility.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

On the recently released video from al Qaeda's number two, al Zawahiri calling for Hamas to implement Islamic law for Gaza and that the West will be defeated very soon is a scenario that is being played out in these days that can be found in the prophetic scenario in Bible prophecy.

Al Qaeda, with it's tentacles that reach around the world, has been responsible for death and destruction in numerous places as it works to destroy the philosophy of the Western world. Al Qaeda's number two, al Zawahiri, used his video to alert the terrorists of the world that the West will soon be defeated. In fact, he called for young Muslim men to join the Muslim battle against the West and to join holy war, jihad that will bring about that victory. Al Zawahiri told the Muslims that the goal is to implement the rule of the Islamic god, Allah across the world.

Though the word Islam is not used in the Bible, the nations of our world that are Muslim are listed in the prophetic passages. Daniel 11, Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83 all reveal that these Islamic nations will form an alignment in the Last Days to come against Israel. Ezekiel 38 and 39, verses 2-6 tell us that the Islamic world will be almost completely wiped out. Five out of every six Muslims will be destroyed when they come against Israel and that happens soon after the Rapture of the Church. However, until the Rapture, Islam will be the major force in our world.

Al Zawahiri's claim that the defeat of the West is indeed evidence Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.