August 27, 2007

Jewish settlers in Hebron are considering establishing a second Jewish state

The Jewish community in Hebron, Israel has been warning other Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, that the recent eviction of two Jewish families from their homes in the Hebron Marketplace may have laid the groundwork for future violent clashes with Israeli security forces.

This Israeli government evacuation in Hebron has sparked talk of the state of Judah, a second Jewish state, as an alternative to Israeli rule in the event of a mass withdrawal from the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, the West Bank.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Israeli government evacuations of Jewish settlers from their homes has created the potential for a second Jewish state in the Middle East which is actually the End Times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

Because of the mass media coverage of two Jewish families being evacuated from their homes in Hebron, Israel by some 3,000 Israeli security forces, the Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, now believe that this same thing might well happen to them. Former PM Ariel Sharon with his evacuation of the Jewish settlers, some 9,000 of them from the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2005, developed a division in the body politic of Israel that is increasing with this most recent evacuation of Jews from their homes on what is traditionally Jewish land. In fact, Hebron is the oldest Jewish community in the world, dating back 4,000 years to the times of Abraham who established Hebron as a Jewish community.

These recent evacuations have set the stage for the prophecy of Ezekiel to be fulfilled. In Ezekiel 37:15-23 it speaks of two Jewish states in the Last Days, one named Israel, the other named Judah. A knowledge of current events among the Jewish settlers and a search of the internet will reveal how close this second Jewish state may well be.

With this recent incident in Hebron, Jewish settlers in the ancient Jewish city are now discussing the possibility of a second Jewish state, the state of Judah.