August 14, 2007

Mexico has launched a giant telescope that they say will give us clues about the creation of the Universe

Mexican President Vicente Fox has inaugurated a giant telescope that they say could help scientists uncover clues about the creation of the universe as it picks up radio waves that have been supposedly traveling through space for nearly the 13 billion years.

The director of the National Astrophysics Institute in Mexico said at the inauguration of the giant telescope that it would allow scientists to make discoveries about the formation and evolution of galaxies and stars and about the origin of the universe itself. President Fox said that this telescope will put Mexico in the scientific, investigative vanguard in astrophysics.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The announcement by Mexican President Vicente Fox of its new giant telescope and its potential to uncover clues about the creation of the universe has an interesting connection with Bible prophecy for the Last Days.

Vicente Fox, the president of Mexico, has inaugurated the most important scientific and technological project in the history of his country, the giant telescope that could help uncover clues to the creation of our universe. The telescope which resembles a gigantic satellite dish, sits high in the mountains where the air is so thin, that the scientists working at the site have to have bottle oxygen on hand in case of an emergency. The National Astrophysics Institute in Mexico believes that this new telescope will help mankind to discover the formation and the evolution of galaxies, the stars, and even the universe itself.

This investigation into the origins of the universe is evidence that modern day science does not accept the account of Creation, the origins of this universe and all that is in it, as found in the Bible in Genesis 1. This is actually what Peter the Apostle said would happen in the Last Days. Men would be willfully ignorant or dumb on purpose about God's creative act for everything that is, that's found in II Peter 3:1-8.

A denial of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is also coupled with this denial that God created this world.