September 10, 2007

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel is facing another holocaust like the one in 1939

Benjamin Netanyahu, a former Israeli Prime Minister and the leader of the present Opposition Party in the Israeli government, told a counter-terrorism conference in Herzliya that military action against Iran should be used if Israel sees that Iran's nuclear weapons program is about to come alive.

Netanyahu compared Iran's Ahmadinejad to Hitler in 1939 who embarked on a world conflict and then attempted to gain weapons of mass destruction. While Ahmadinejad is going about the process in reverse order and then Ahmadinejad will launch into a world-wide conflict.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Benjamin Netanyahu's statement that we are re-living the year 1939 with Iran's Ahmadinejad following Hitler's example is evidence that two strands of Bible prophecy are on track for complete fulfillment.

At the counter-terrorism conference in Herzliya, along Israel's Mediterranean Coast, delegates from around the world have gathered to discuss ways of combating the threat of terrorism.

Netanyahu cited Middle East historian, Bernard Lewis as saying that Iran with a nuclear weapon of mass destruction would use it to bring back the Shiite Messianic figure, the Mahdi, and millions of people would die. Bernard Lewis's statement is in perfect harmony with Bible prophecy for the last days.

Ezekiel wrote, over 2500 years ago, that Iran, the Persia of Ezekiel 38:5 would be a major player on the world scene at the time of the end. And would go forth to destroy the Jewish state. In other words, they would try to wipe Israel off the map.

Another ancient Jewish prophet, Zechariah, wrote that two out of every three Jews would be killed in the last days, far worse than Hitler's holocaust in 1939. That's found in Zechariah 13:8.

These two prophecies from two different Jewish prophets seem to b e converging at a time in history that will witness the fulfillment of both prophecies in a short period of time.