October 25, 2007

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says that the Middle East Peace Plan is in jeopardy

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, before a House Committee in the United States Congress, told the political leaders that without a serious political prospect for the Palestinians, there will be a loss of the window for a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Secretary Rice blamed Iran for fanning the flames in the Middle East region, including what she called "troubling new support for Hamas Militants in the Gaza Strip", which Rice said is evidence that the time is right to boost the forces of moderation and defeat the forces of extremism.

Secretary Rice is scheduled to return to the Middle East early next month before the Peace Conference in Annapolis to endeavor to finalize all plans for the Peace Conference. In a situation where many parties are doubting the potential success of the conference.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The quest for peace in the Middle East and a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a long-time effort by world leaders, which is a precursor to what Bible prophecy predicts will take place in the last days.

Since the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel, world leaders have been working to try and bring peace between the Jews and their neighbors in the Middle East. There are a number of ceasefires that have been established and broken; and there are already three peace agreements on the table now, between Israel and her neighbors previous enemies.

In 1979, Israel and Egypt signed the "Camp David Accords". In 1993, the Israelis and the Palestinians signed the "Oslo Accords" on the west lawn of the White House in Washington. And, in 1994, Israel and Jordan met to sign a peace agreement between themselves.

The truth be known, none of these three peace treaties has ever been normalized and they are not really working; although they are on the table. The ancient Jewish prophet, Daniel, wrote 2,500 years ago that a world leader, the Antichrist, would come to power and confirm - I did not say sign - he would confirm a peace treaty between Israel and her enemies, Daniel 9:27.

There are indicators that such a world leader is emerging and the confirmation of the existing peace treaties will take place. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.