October 23, 2007

A world renowned scientist says the human race must find new homes in outer space to survive

Speaking at an international conference at Hong Kong University, the author of the international best seller, "A Brief History of Time", who is also professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, Stephen Hawking said that the survival of the human race depends on its ability to find new homes elsewhere in the universe because there is an increasing risk that a disaster will destroy the earth.

The British astrophysicist told a news conference in Hong Kong that humans could have a permanent base on the Moon in 20 years and a colony on Mars in the next 40 years. Hawking said that new observational results and theoretical advances are coming in rapidly, and that we are getting closer to answering the old question, "Where did we come from?"

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The declaration that humanity will live on the moon and Mars within 50 years and that we may be near to knowing the origins of the universe, statements made by the world renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, are a page out of Bible prophecy for the Last Days.

The acclaimed British Physicist Stephen Hawking, speaking recently at an international conference at the University of Hong Kong, told the attendees that we do not yet have good theoretical understanding of the observation of the expansion of the universe. Hawking added that without such understanding, we cannot be sure of the future of the universe. Hawking also said his unfulfilled ambitions, among many, were how the universe began and how the human race can survive in the next 100 years.

Interestingly, God's Word has the answers to all of Hawking's questions, and his questions set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. The Creation account in Genesis 1 reveals the origins of the universe, revealed by the One who brought everything into existence, the One who was the only observer of this event. The Gospel accounts of the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ tells of how man can survive, not only for 100 years, but for eternity. II Peter 3 foretold the time when seemingly intelligent man would be dumb on purpose and deny that God created all things.

This, in fact, would be evidence that Jesus was coming and that it could be very soon. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.