December 04, 2007

Israeli officials say the US intelligence community has no understanding of what really is happening with Iran's nuclear program

Israeli PM Ehud Olmert says that the threat of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons must not be underestimated, this after a US intelligence report claimed that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003, but was continuing to enrich Uran.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak agreed that Iran had stopped development of a Nuclear WMD in 2003, but he added that Iran has since renewed the program and Iran is continuing in its efforts to produce a nuclear bomb despite the US intelligence report.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The evaluation by the US intelligence community of the potential for an Iranian Nuclear WMD says that the threat is not as bad as first thought. Israeli intelligence disagrees and so does Bible prophecy.

For the last several years, we've heard intelligence report after intelligence report warning that Iran is on the verge of having a Nuclear WMD. Now, with the release of the US report: Iran Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities, the US intelligence community is in retreat from previous assessments and it contradicts Israeli intelligence. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak says that the once stopped nuclear weapons program of Iran has restarted and is moving full steam ahead, and must not be ignored. The Israeli government is much concerned that this recently released US intelligence report will allow Iran to complete their production of a Nuclear WMD unhindered and become a larger threat than ever.

As the intelligence agencies fight it out over who is right, Bible prophecy reveals that Iran, with a Nuclear WMD or not, will be a major threat in the Last Days, a major player to lead an alignment of nations against the Jewish state of Israel, Ezekiel 38:5, Psalm 83 and Daniel 11:43-44.

The US intelligence report may well play down Iran's potential threat, but Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.