January 08, 2008

Religious Jews in Israel are asking President Bush, "Is he Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus?"

A coalition of religious Jews including Torah scholars, political leaders and members of the Sanhedrin have prepared a scroll to be delivered to President Bush during his visit to Israel calling on the US President to choose to be remembered as Cyrus and not Nebuchadnezzar.

This historic document, transcribed on parchment paper in the shape of a scroll, is addressed to the leader of the West reminding President Bush to declare to the world that he will honor God's Word and act towards settling the Jewish people throughout their entire land. The scroll reminds the president of the fact that Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Jewish state and Cyrus put it back together according to the Biblical record.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The visit by US President George W. Bush to Israel can either follow the pattern of King Nebuchadnezzar or King Cyrus, either way the Bush visit has great prophetic significance according to Bible prophecy.

When any world leader visits the Jewish state of Israel, it is very newsworthy and almost always history making, thus is the case as George W. Bush makes his very first visit as President of the US to Israel at a very critical time in history. As a follow up to the peace conference last November in Annapolis, President Bush's visit to Israel is an effort to give direction for a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. President Bush's demands to uproot the Jewish settlements have been met with a scroll to be presented to the president that ask him does he want to be like Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar who destroyed the Jewish state or would he rather be like the Medo-Persian king, King Cyrus who was used by God to rebuild the Jewish nation of Israel and to rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Both have approaches have great prophetic significance according to the scenario that can be found in the Bible for the Last Days.

President Bush's historic visit to Israel will indeed set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.