January 22, 2008

Scientific report: planet Earth is going back to the Age of the Dinosaur

According to some scientists, global warming over the coming century could mean a return to the temperatures last seen in the age of the dinosaur and which led to the extinction of up to half of all species on the earth at that time.

The British Association for the Advancement of Science at their annual meeting were told that the earth may already be on the breaking edge of a wave of mass extinctions as global average temperatures become higher than they have been in the last 10 million years.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

According to a recently released scientific report, the earth is going back to the age of the dinosaur, a very interesting report in light of Bible prophecy.

As the world listens to statement after statement and watches film documentations on the subject of global warming, the most recent pronouncement indicates that our earth is facing climatic changes today that will take us back to the conditions prevalent of yesterday, and the yesteday that scientists are referring to is the period of time when dinosaurs roamed this earth. The campaign to prepare the world for the results of global warming has received another boost to get the word out and to everybody.

As a student of Bible prophecy and as a student of the entire Bible, I would suggest several observations as it relates to the End Times and this issue of global warming. I do not know, nor does anybody else really know the truth about global warming. I do know however, during the time of judgment in the future, the Tribulation Period, there will also be ecological judgment on the earth: grass and trees will be burned up, the oceans will turn to blood, the fish of the seas will be killed, and fresh water, rivers, and lakes will turn to blood also, that's Revelation 8:7-11 and 16:3-7. As it relates to the age of dinosaurs, according to scientists, 10 million years ago, that is impossible unless one is willfully ignorant which is how the Apostle Peter described people during the time of the near return of Jesus Christ back to the earth, and that's found in II Peter 3:3-7.

A supposed scientific report that says we're going back to the age of dinosaurs does indeed set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.