February 01, 2008

Scientists say the Arctic was once a tropical paradise

Scientists have found with first of its kind core samples dug up from the deep beneath the Arctic Ocean floor that 55 million years ago, according to their estimates, an area near the North Pole was practically a subtropical paradise.

The scientists say their findings are a glimpse backward into a much warmer than thought polar region heated by runamuck greenhouse gases that came about naturally.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The supposed scientific study that revealed the Arctic was a tropical paradise 55 million years ago also reveals that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled. A recent article in Nature Magazine featuring the report of researchers finding that millions of years ago the average temperature in the Arctic near the North Pole was 74 degrees Fahrenheit concludes that this Northern region was somewhat of a subtropical paradise.

Interestingly, these research scientists say they knew of this thermal event but can only suggest that perhaps massive releases of methane from the ocean or lots of volcanic eruptions caused the Arctic to have this greenhouse effect.

According to the biblical account of Creation, this scientific report is only partially true. The Arctic was once a tropical paradise. The Genesis account of Creation says that all the foliage that makes up a tropical region was actually brought into existence on the third day of Creation, that's Genesis 1:9-13. According to the biblical account of the worldwide Flood, that took place 1,500 years after Creation, there was no winter until after the Flood, when seasons first appeared, that's Genesis 8:22. Thus, the first 1,500 years after Creation there was indeed a greenhouse effect over all the earth, including the Arctic near the North Pole; the whole earth was a tropical paradise.

According to II Peter 3:3-8, these scientists who appear to be willfully ignorant of what really happened in the past, are evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.