March 21, 2008

Jews around the world mark the time when they were spare annihilation and Christians mark the death and ressurection of the Jewish Messiah

The Jewish people on this weekend of the Jewish holy day of Purim mark the time in history when the Queen of Persia, Queen Esther, was able to convince the Persian king 2,500 years ago to spare the Jewish people in the world from complete annihilation at the hands of the wicked Haman, as recorded in the Biblical book of Esther.

Many Jewish leaders see a parallel to the story of Esther with the Iranian President Ahmadinejad calling for Israel to be wiped off the map and to destroy not only the state of Israel, but Jewish people everywhere. This year, the weekend also marks the most known event in history, the death, burial and resurrection from the dead by Jesus Christ who millions of people around the world claim is the One prophesied about by the ancient Jewish prophets as the Messiah.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

According to Bible prophecy, God promised to spare the Jewish people from complete annihilation as recorded in the book of Esther, but God also sent His Son, the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ to Earth in fulfillment of prophecy as well and has promised that He would come again some day soon according to that same Bible prophecy.

Throughout the weekend, Jewish children will dress up in costumes depicting the characters of the book of Esther. In the synagogues, they will read the book of Esther with a loud uproar every time the name Haman is mentioned in the book. The holy day, Purim marks the victory over wicked Haman who wanted to annihilate all the Jewish people on Earth at that time, similar to the desires and threats of the present-day Persian King, Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

This weekend also marks the death, burial and resurrection of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus proved He was who He said He was and can do and in fact, will do what He said He would do, come back to this Earth one day to dwell among His people, the Jewish people forever. The book of Esther is a prophetic look at events even today; however, the resurrection of Jesus Christ provided a Savior for all people and a guarantee that all of Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

Jesus Christ is coming and it could be today.