March 17, 2008

A war between Syria and Israel is a very viable possibility

A Kuwaiti newspaper is quoting the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem as saying that a war between Syria and Israel is a very viable possibility adding that every rational person should prepare for war in light of what the Syrian Foreign Minister described as the crazy policies of the United States in the Middle East.

The Syrian Foreign Minister said he thought it was possible that Israel was preparing for a war against Lebanon or Syria in concert with the United States who doesn't seem to want stability and security in the region.

The Syrian leader said that Hezbollah is a friend of Syria Hezbollah is not a proxy of Syria but a friend; and that Hezbollah was a part of Lebanon and all of it's difficulties.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The statement by Syria's Foreign Minister that a war between Israel and Syria is a possibility should have been stated that it is an absolute, that is according to Bible prophecy.

Since the 34 day war between Israel and Hezbollah back in 2006, the Syrian government has been making concerning statements about the possibility of war between these two Middle Eastern nations, Israel and Syria.

In light of what looked like a Hezbollah victory over the Israeli Defense Force, the Syrian leadership believes that they could win a war against Israel.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly said that Syria will get the Golan Heights back under Syrian control either through diplomacy or military activity.

Bible prophecy also has something to say about an Israeli-Syrian conflict. Daniel wrote of nations that will come together in conflict, during the last days, leading up to the return of Jesus Christ to earth.

In Daniel 11:40-45 the Jewish prophet wrote of the King of the North, described earlier in Daniel 11 as Syria. Syria, militarily, will be the first nation to strike the Jewish State of Israel, early on in the seven year Tribulation Period.

Syria will actually lead the way as many nations will align themselves to try to destroy the Jewish state, that's Daniel 11, Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.