April 18, 2008

Pope Benedict used the UN to advance a Catholic culture

The leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict, while traveling across America, made his principle theme the recovering of a distinctive Catholic culture which he made clear in his liturgy, but it was also underscored with his calls for a stronger Catholic education and a more powerful Catholic presence in the public square culture as a way of cultivating a mindset, an intellectual culture which is genuinely Catholic.

For his part, Pope Benedict embraces cultivating a Catholic identity which is based not so much on externals, but on the church's living traditions making an old world religion work with the vitality of new world spirituality.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Pope Benedict's trip to America and his effort to create a Catholic culture in today's society is a precursor to an End Time scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

The holding of a Catholic Mass in a Major League Baseball stadium, thousands of the Catholic faithful at the White House with the President and the Pope and a trip to New York City to address the UN General Assembly allowed the Pope to propagate his principle theme on his trip to America, "The cultivation of a Catholic culture in today's society."

The world's most powerful religious leader, Pope Benedict on his first trip to America as the Pope, impacted those Catholic faithful with a renewal of their traditional beliefs dictated by the church and encouraged others to embrace the lifestyle that Catholicism projects to all the world. Pope Benedict's trip to America emphasized his belief that the Catholic Church is the only true Church in the world today.

This report reveals an End Time scenario that is right from the pages of Bible prophecy. Let me, at the outset say I am not predicting that the Pope and or the Catholic Church are an absolute fulfillment of Bible prophecy, but when one studies Revelation 17, there is a better understanding of how that prophecy could be fulfilled and in the very near future. The prophet John wrote 2,000 years ago of a one-world religion in the Last Days that will be headquartered in Rome, Italy, Revelation 17:9. This false religion started 4,500 years ago in Babylon would be led by a Charismatic leader, the Antichrist, who in Revelation 17 is referred to eight times with the ame "The Beast".

Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church are indeed a prototype of how Revelation 17 will one day be fulfilled.