June 10, 2008

An Israeli official says the Arabic language is a threat to the existence of Israel

An Israeli member of the Knesset, Limor Livnat, says that in these times when there are radical groups of Israeli Arabs trying to turn the state of Israel into a bi-national state, it is most urgent to put into the law of Israel the unique status of Hebrew, the language of the Bible.

An Arab member of the Israeli Knesset fired back that Arabic has been and is today the language of the land of Israel and no law can change that however he did admit that all Arab Israelis are obliged to learn Hebrew with the majority of Arabs speaking the language fluently. In reality, the present so-called equality between the two languages, Hebrew and Arabic, is not there and Hebrew takes dominance over Arabic in Israel.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The conflict over the equality of two languages used in Israel, Hebrew and Arabic, is evidence that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled.

In a move that has outraged Arabic speaking people in Israel, a former Minister of Education and present member of the Knesset, Limor Livnat, is pushing a new bill in the Knesset to regulate Israel's official use of Arabic alongside the Hebrew language; however, this debate makes very clear that there is evidence of Bible prophecy being fulfilled. For 2,000 years, the language of Hebrew was a dead language, not used in commerce, education or even daily conversation.

Two ancient Jewish prophets, Jeremiah and Zephaniah, foretold of a day when Hebrew would once again be spoken by the Jewish people when they return to the land of their forefathers, the land of Israel. Jeremiah 31:23 states that the Lord would return the language of Hebrew to His people once He gathered them from around the world and brought them back into their land. Zephaniah 3:9 says the Lord would give the Jews a pure language, Hebrew, the language of the Bible and He would give it to the Jews, the people of the Bible, in the land of Israel, the land of the Bible.

Even though there is a debate over the official language of Israel, Hebrew has indeed been revived in the Last Days as Bible prophecy said it would be.