July 24, 2008

A former astronaut and moon-walker claims there are aliens in outer space

Former NASA astronaut and moon-walker, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission, claims that aliens exist and he says extraterrestrials have visited the Earth on several occasions, but the alien contact has been reportedly covered up by the government.

Dr. Mitchell, who along with Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard holds the record for the longest moon-walk at 9 hours, 17 minutes made during their 1971 mission, says the military and intelligence agencies know the Earth has been visited by aliens. The former astronaut says the UFO phenomena is real, as has been reported quite widely recently, and has been covered up by all our governments for the last sixty years.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The claims by a former astronaut who walked on the moon that there are aliens in outer space who have visited the Earth have a very interesting connection to Bible prophecy.

The accusation that the US government and other governments around the world have covered up the reality of aliens from outer space visiting the Earth made by a former astronaut that walked on the Moon is getting the attention of many who want to know the truth.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell 's statement that he had been privileged to be in on the fact that the Earth had been visited by aliens is somewhat shocking, especially with his background. However, these claims of aliens visiting our planet do have a connection to Bible prophecy. John the Revelator wrote 2,000 years ago of an invasion from outer space by what is described as aliens. This was when he wrote of the locusts from the bottomless pit invading the Earth during the Tribulation Period, the seven years of judgment in the future that takes place right after the Rapture, Revelation 9:1-10. These locusts described in Revelation have the face of a man, the hair of a woman, iron teeth, wings and the tail of a scorpion, Revelation 9:8-10. By the way, that is not the normal locusts. That's an alien that will indeed attack the Earth.

Dr. Mitchell's claims of aliens invading the Earth could be false, but Revelation 9 is absolute truth.