August 06, 2008

A wealthy Arab leader wants to put his city on the educational and economic world map

Speaking at the world economic forum held in Jordan recently, Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum - Vice President and PM of the United Arab Emirates, a Persian Gulf state - announced a 10 billion dollar donation to develop high quality research programs and centers and support for research in higher education institutions, the path to creating a generation of leaders in the Middle East.

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is already referred to as the business capital of the Middle East and the sheikh wants to add to its leadership by developing an environment that brings researchers, students, scientists, investment professionals, and policy makers all within the same community.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As Dubai in the United Arab Emirate becomes an economic, scientific, educational center in the Middle East, there is evidence that Bible prophecy for such a center in that region is closer to fulfillment than ever before.

With half of the Arab world's population under the age of 20 and with the illiteracy rates still alarmingly high, the recent 10 billion dollar donation from Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum is sure to create generations of leaders in the region. Sheikh Mohammed's goal is to put together an environment for policy makers to come together with educational leaders and the economic financial leadership of the region and become a major force in our world.

The ancient Jewish prophet Daniel wrote that during the End Times, knowledge will increase, Daniel 12:4. Another Jewish prophet, the Apostle John, wrote in the book of Revelation that the economic center of the world will be in the Middle East, Revelation 13:16, 17 and 18:3-16. John wrote that this educational economic center will be in the Middle East at the great city of Babylon, Revelation 18.

Dubai is quickly becoming a prototype of the city Bible prophecy described.