February 11, 2009

The Israeli elections are over, but there is no winner yet as two parties are claiming victory

Israeli voters turned out in large numbers to elect the next Israeli government and as of right now, there is no clear cut winner with both FM Livni's Kadima party claiming victory with one more mandate than Likud, the party of the former PM Benjamin Netanyahu, who says they can form a coalition government.

Israel is a parliamentary system of government and with 61 seats in the Knesset needed to form a government, several parties must come together in a partnership in order to elect the PM and the next government. All the 'backroom horse training' will now begin to see who can bring together the political parties to have a simple majority of legislative seats in the Knesset to be able to name the next PM of Israel.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The next Israeli government is a human effort to lead the Jewish state into the future, but God has a better plan for the Jewish people in the future, according to Bible prophecy.

Democracy in the Middle East is on display in the Jewish state of Israel as these most recent elections have revealed to the world. Though no clear outcome has been determined, the human government in Israel will form a government most likely in the next couple of days.

God Himself put human government in place 4,500 years ago after the worldwide flood, Genesis 9:6. God then brought to the world His plan for a theocracy when He brought forth the Jewish people 4,000 years ago, Genesis 12. Though there has been a mix of human government and a theocracy down through the centuries, God's plan is for the Jewish Messiah to setup a theocratic Kingdom in Israel, Daniel 7:13-14 and II Samuel 7. That Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ, is coming and according to present current events and Bible prophecy that could be very soon, Matthew 24:30-31.

The next Jewish government may see the Messiah, Jesus Christ, come to setup His Kingdom.