March 25, 2009

Israeli scientists have tracked an exploding star fifty times larger than the sun

Scientists from the Wizemann Institute here in Israel have tracked the first-ever study of the world's largest exploding star and discovered the after effects were a black hole following the supernova when the explosion released more energy in several days than the Sun does in many years.

This star was fifty times larger than the Sun and after the explosion, the star simply collapsed and left a black hole in the universe that was so dense that light could not pass through it. The blast was bright enough that it could be seen from Earth even in the daylight and just before the explosion, the size of the star shrunk, but with material that was as heavy as the entire Earth.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

An exploding star that became a black hole in our universe may have a connection to Bible prophecy.

The team of Israeli scientists that observed the explosion of a star fifty times larger than the Sun have reported the end result as the appearance of a black hole in outer space. There is much speculation in the scientific world about black holes and studies are still underway to determine what a black hole really is and what it can do. One of the Israeli scientists said the observation of an exploding star becoming a black hole supports their theory that stars even hundreds of times larger than the sun also end up as black holes.

This report actually draws my attention to the Creation account in Genesis 1. The Bible says stars were created on the fourth day of Creation after God created the Sun and the Moon, Genesis 1:14-17. The literal interpretation of the Creation account gives us a basis to interpret the prophetic passages of Scripture literally as well. One such account is the mention of a bottomless pit in Revelation 9:2 and 20:1-3. In Revelation 9, the evil angels who committed sexual activity have been held in this bottomless pit for 4,500 years and the Revelation 20 account is about the bottomless pit which will be the prison for Satan for 1,000 years. The bottomless pit in these passages is believed to be a black hole in our universe.

The Black hole as the bottomless pit or not, Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.