March 19, 2009

The smallest known North American dinosaur has been found

Canadian researchers say they have discovered the smallest known North American dinosaur, a carnivore that roamed areas on the North American continent and weighed less than most modern-day house cats. This small dinosaur which researchers say was on the earth some 75 million years ago most likely hunted insects, small mammals, and perhaps even baby dinosaurs with razor-like claws as they ran through the swamps and forests in southeastern Alberta, Canada. The researchers say that the clawed dinosaur was slight, ran on two legs, and had dagger-like teeth which were all used as a predator of small things.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The discovery of a small dinosaur that scientists say supposedly roamed the earth 75 million years ago is tangible evidence that God's word is true and that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

The latest research has revealed the smallest known dinosaur in the history of the world and with the researchers making the statement that it roamed the earth millions of years ago, it should catch the attention of most people. First, the research states that the creature is a dinosaur that that dinosaurs actually did exist at some time in history. The big question is, were these dinosaurs roaming the earth 75 million years ago? I would say that there was no scientist also roaming the earth 75 million years ago to observe this almost miniature dinosaur.

According to a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis chapters 1-10, the creature would have been around some 6000 years ago, not 75 million years ago. Dinosaurs were actually created on the sixth day of Creation (Genesis 1:24) when the Lord created creeping things on the earth. As is relates to the time period of Creation, a literal interpretation of the Scriptures would reveal that the days in Genesis 1 were twenty-four hour days. Six of them were used for the creation of the heavens and the earth and all that in them is and the seventh day used by the Lord to rest for that one last twenty-four hour day - not millions of years.

In order for one to have a literal interpretation of prophecy and believe that Jesus Christ is coming and all prophecy will be fulfilled, he must take a literal approach to understanding the story of Creation as well.