April 27, 2009

Israel announces its population as almost seven and a half million people on the eve of their 61st birthday

Israel's population on its 61st independence day numbers 7,400,000 according to the data released by the central bureau of statistics with 75% of that population Jewish residents and just over 20% of the population Arabs leaving in Israel. 70% of Israel's total Jewish population are native Israelis or "sabras" as they are called, and at least half of that number are second generation Israelis as compared with a native Israeli population of 35% back in 1948.

In 1948, there was only one city in Israel with more than 100,000 residents - that was Tel Aviv. Today, there are 14 Israeli cities with more than 100,000 and 5 of those have more than 200,000 with Jerusalem as the largest Israeli city with around 700,000 residents.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The announcement on the eve of Israel's 61st birthday that its population is around 7 1/2 million is tangible evidence that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled.

The population on the birth date of modern-day Israel was around 500,000. Now, there are 5 1/2 million Jews in Israel and many of these are Jews born in the land of their forefathers. This fact is amazing and by some standards a miracle in that Jewish people who were scattered to the four corners of the Earth less than 2000 years ago and having no hope that there would ever be a nation of Jewish people again on this Earth.

What the world has witnessed over these last 100 years is Jewish people from over 100 nations of the world making their way home to Israel in at least a partial fulfillment of Bible prophecy. The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel recorded the words of God when He said, 18 times, that He would find His people, the Jewish people, wherever they were in the world and gather them into Israel (Ezekiel 34:11-31). Ezekiel 37:7 is the prophecy that also says the Jews will be brought into the land that God has given them and they will be there forever.

Israel's present Jewish population is indeed tangible evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.