April 01, 2009

Tony Blair says the Middle East peace process is in great jeopardy

Even as Israel was installing a new Prime Minister, (PM) Binyamin Netanyahu, the Peace Envoy for the Quartet, Tony Blair was saying that the Middle East peace process was in very great jeopardy and Israel must fully support the goal of living in peace next to an independent Palestinian state.

Blair said that a period of political inactivity had harmed the peace process and there needed to be a combination of strong political negotiations toward a two-state solution and a major change on the ground.

Blair said that with the new US administration and the new Israeli government in place, the time is right for progress in the Middle East peace process in 2009.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

There is a great prophetic significance to the statement made by the peace envoy for the Quartet that the Middle East peace process is in very great jeopardy.

Even as the newly elected Israeli government was being sworn in, the Middle East Peace Envoy for the Quartet, Tony Blair, was telling the world this is a critical time for the Middle East peace process. Tony Blair believes that the Barack administration and the newly installed Israeli government must move quickly to bring together a peace process that will allow for a two-state solution as a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is so interesting to me to see Tony Blair, a world renouned political leader, warning that this is a critical time for a peaceful solution for the Middle East and these two people who have actually been in conflict for hundreds and thousands of years must come to a peaceful coexistence.

The world is watching as one man works to bring about this peace, a peace between two peoples that already have a peace agreement. This scenario, a man trying to bring peace to the Middle East, is found in a prophetic scenario for the Last Days, Daniel 9:27 where it talks about a "he", the Antichrist, who will confirm a peace agreement between Israel and her neighbors.

I do not know, nor am I saying Tony Blair is that Antichrist, but he sure is a perfect prototype for this coming world leader.