July 23, 2009

A large number of evangelical Christians gathered in Washington to stand up for Israel

John Hagee, the leader of Christians United For Israel, told 4000 followers that the chief obstacle to peace in the Middle East is not Israelis living in Judea and Samaria but the regime in Tehran. Hagee charged President Obama with singling out Israel for concessions towards the establishment of a new Arab state within the current borders of Israel and he said that the United States is putting pressure on the wrong people.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, addressing the group via satellite, reminded them that now there are millions of Christians that stand with Israel because they want the truth to be known and peace in the holy land.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

There will come a day when Christians will no longer be able to stand up for the Jewish state of Israel - according to Bible prophecy.

The evangelical group, Christians United For Israel, is only one of many Christian organizations and, in fact, churches that have taken a stand for the Jewish state of Israel. This Christian support for Israel comes from and understanding of Bible prophecy that reveals that God still has a plan for the Jewish people. There is a segment of Christianity that believes God is finished with the Jews and that the Church has replaced the Jews in God's future plans and that is dangerously not correct. However, let me remind you that God's word does not say Christians must back the Israeli government, a very secular humanistic government, but, indeed, the Bible does teach us that we must stand with the Jewish people.

God does have a plan for the Jews as recorded in the prophetic passages of His word. 2500 years ago, the ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel wrote that God would gather the Jews from every corner of the world and bring them into the land of their forefathers (Ezekiel 34:11-31). Ezekiel wrote of the land that God will give to the Jewish people and does speak of the disputed areas in Judea and Samaria. I hasten, however, to remind you that when the Jews are in the land of their forefathers, an alignment of nations will come to try to annihilate the Jews (Ezekiel 38). Before all of these prophecies are completely fulfilled Christians leave this Earth at the Rapture of the Church and will be unable to support Jews anymore.

Remember - Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.