July 07, 2009

Pope Benedict calls for a stronger UN to tackle major global problems

Pope Benedict in an encyclical letter, the highest form of Papal teaching, called for a stronger UN to tackle the major global problems, mainly the economic crisis, the wars and rumors of wars and the social injustice that is taking place across the world.

Benedict said the blind pursuit of profit and economic mismanagement had wreaked havoc on the global economy and there must be a worldwide financial structure put in place to resolve this complex problem.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A worldwide religious leader calling for a stronger global political power to ensure economic security and world peace is a page out of Bible prophecy.

In the latest teaching from the Vatican in Rome and given by Pope Benedict, the Pope has called for reform of the UN to give this global political institution some teeth with which to tackle the major problems facing our world.

As the Pope has indicated, this world has a global financial crisis that must be dealt with. Pope Benedict says a worldwide political power must step up to bring peace and stability out of the conflict and chaos.

The ancient Jewish prophets wrote of the Last Days and basically wrote of the world we see today unfolding with all of these major problems. Jesus Christ Himself said there would be wars and rumors of wars in the Last Days, Matthew 24:6-7. John, the Apostle who wrote the book of Revelation, in chapter 6:1-8 lays out the scenario for the Last Days that calls for a powerful world leader to deal with the war, the food shortages, financial disaster and even global health problems.

Another of the ancient Jewish prophets, Daniel in chapter 9:27 reveals the appearance of this world leader, a religious leader who will bring peace and supposedly stability to the world. His name is Antichrist. The world today is ready for such a leader and he could appear at any moment.

Pope Benedict's call for this global political power is indeed a page out of Bible prophecy.