September 30, 2009

Moslems refuse Jews access to holy sites during holy days

The three Jewish holy days in the Fall are always times when the Jews from around the world flow to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount in obedience to ancient laws that require all Jews to make a pilgrimage to Judaism's holiest site.

The Fall feast, Feast of Tabernacles, is what the Bible calls a pilgrim feast, one of three such feasts God gave the Jewish people and then told them that they must travel to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to be obedient to His law.

Because the Islamic Trust has custodial control of the Temple Mount, the Moslems have restricted the religious Jews who seek entrance to the Temple Mount from carrying any religious articles onto the mount or even praying while on this sacred site.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Limited access to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for the Jewish people during their high holy days by the Moslem world will only increase the tensions surrounding this sacred site to the point that will result in Bible prophecy being fulfilled.

Evident during the Fall Jewish feast days has been the restrictions put in place by the Islamic Trust for the access Jewish worshipers wish to have at this holy time of year to the holy mountain of God, the Temple Mount. This control of Judaism's most sacred holy site, the Temple Mount, is an offense not only to the Jewish people, but to the Lord Jesus Christ as well.

In a preincarnate appearance to the prophet Zechariah 2,500 years ago, Jesus told the prophet He was displeased with the arrogant control of the Temple Mount by the enemies of the true God, Zechariah 1:15. In verse 14 of the Zechariah passage, Jesus, the Angel of the Lord, a preincarnate appearance of Jesus Christ, said He was jealous for the Temple Mount, in fact the Hebrew flavor of the word "jealous" seems to indicate that Jesus Christ is aggressively possessive for this sacred spot.

Jesus concludes His message to Zechariah in verse 16 by saying that one day He would come back to Jerusalem to build His Temple on this controversial site, the Temple Mount, a location of conflict in the future.