September 01, 2009

Poland marks the 70th anniversary of the Nazi invasion and the start of WWII

European leaders and Russia's PM Putin were among the foreign leaders who participated in Poland's commemoration of the outbreak of WWII as they gathered in the historic Polish port city of Gdansk, which was annexed by Germany on September 2, 1939, the day after Hitler's Nazis invaded Poland.

Poland was invaded by Germany on September 1, 1939 and by the Soviet Union some sixteen days later which resulted in more than 6 1/2 million Polish people dying during WWII including some 3 million of its Jewish population.

The Nazis chose to make Poland the site of the largest killing fields in Europe and ultimately the largest Jewish graveyard in the world.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As Poland marked the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of WWII, historians can see how both world wars played a key role in the end times scenario that God has for the Jewish people according to Bible prophecy.

The controversy in Poland surrounding the outbreak of WWII 70 years ago includes the part that both Nazi Germany and the Communist Soviet Union played in this devastating time for Poland. There are students of secular history and Jewish life over the last 100 years that can clearly see how both WWI and WWII did play a major part in the Biblical plan God has for the Jewish people.

During WWI, the British military brought an end to the Ottoman-Turkish Empire in the Middle East and this world war prepared a land for God's chosen people, the Jewish people. WWII, with its slaughter of six million Jews in the Holocaust, prepared a people for the land.

Jesus warned in Matthew 24, His Olivet Discourse, in verses 6-7 that in the last days, wars and rumors of wars will proceed His return as the Jewish Messiah to the earth. Many Jewish prophets also reveal that these wars during the seven year Tribulation Period yet to come, the time of Jacob's Trouble, will turn the Jewish people to their Messiah.

As Poland marks the 70th anniversary of WWII, there is evidence that we are growing closer to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy predicted for the last days.