September 11, 2009

The United States stops to mark the 8th anniversary of the infamous terrorist attack on America

Remembrance services held in the United States in New York City, Washington DC, and a field in Pennsylvania marked the 8th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington, and the crash of one of the hijacked aircraft in the fields in Pennsylvania as the world also stops to remember the ugly head of terrorism. President Obama joined Secretary of Defense Robert Gates at the Pentagon and he spoke of the day that reminds us of the sacrifices of thousands of Americans not just at the Pentagon but in Pennsylvania and most obviously in New York City.

The president vowed to apprehend all of those who perpetrated these hideous crimes, to see justice for those who were killed, and to defend against all threats against America's national security.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As Americans stop to mark the 8th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the United States, September 11, 2001, there is a reminder of how the Lord will deal with the ideology behind these hideous crimes - according to Bible prophecy.

Most Americans can remember where they were when they first heard of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington. Over the years since that time the United States and other countries in the world have put in place a security system to try to prevent this type of attack from ever happening again. However, I must say as I have often said, if a terrorist wants to attack and slaughter innocent people, he can accomplish his goal no matter how tight the security. 9-11 was the beginning of the end and the terrorists out there will continue their dastardly acts until they are divinely stopped.

Bible prophecy reveals a group of nations that will perpetrate attacks on the world with a focus on the Jewish state of Israel (Daniel 11, Ezekiel 38, and Psalm 83). The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel foretold of the destruction of these terrorist states in Ezekiel 39:2-6. This elimination of the terrorists states will take place in the first 6 months of the Tribulation period, a time of judgment yet to come. Until that time these militant elements will continue their efforts to control the world. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.