February 11, 2010

The Iranian leader claims that Iran is now a nuclear state

Speaking to tens of thousands of Iranians gathered in Tehran to mark the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, the president, President Ahmadinejad, declared that Iran is now a nuclear state. Ahmadinejad told not only the cheering Iranians in the streets but he told the whole world that the Islamic Republic is now capable of producing weapons grade uranium and he said they have produced its first batch of 20% enriched uranium and they now have the capability to enrich to far higher levels at its Natanz plant.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A declaration by the Iranian president that his nation is now a nuclear state should cause the world to wake up to the Iranian threat, a threat that was foretold by the ancient Jewish prophets.

The ongoing saga of whether Iran is a major nuclear threat to the world has come to the conclusion that they are a threat according to the most recent declaration by the Iranian President Ahmadinejad. On the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Republic in Iran the president announced to the world that Iran is now a nuclear state and they can produce weapons grade enriched uranium. At the same time, Ahmadinejad warned Israel that if they made a preemptive strike on Iran that Iran would finish off the Jewish state. These comments coming from the Iranian leader as world leaders are deciding on what to do with this nuclear threat in the Middle East.

Ancient Jewish prophets wrote over 2500 years ago that this type of scenario would be in play in the last days. The prophet Ezekiel mentioned Iran directly in Ezekiel 38:5 when he listed Persia, that's modern day Iran known as Persia until 1936, he listed Iran as one of the states that would align themselves against the Jewish state. Daniel and Jeremiah also mentioned other members of the coalition of nations to join forces against the Jewish state of Israel. The Psalmist in Psalm 83 even prewrote the often quoted statement of Iranian President Ahmadinejad that Israel must be wiped off the earth and her name forgotten forever (Psalm 83:4).

Ahmadinejad's declaration that Iran is now a nuclear state is indeed setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.