March 17, 2010

The EU Foreign Policy Chief is in the Middle East and putting pressure on Israel to make concessions to their enemies

The Baroness Cathryn Ashton, the EU Foreign Policy Chief, is in the Middle East for her first visit to the region as the leader of the foreign policy decisions of the EU and she is not shying away from putting pressure on Israel to make concessions to some of their neighboring states, some of which are long time enemies.

While in Damascus, Syria, the EU leader said that indirect talks between Syria and Israel must take place in order to bring about a comprehensive peace in the Middle East, supposedly meaning that the Arab world and Israel would be able to coexist in the region.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The foreign policy chief of the EU applying pressure on Israel to make concessions to her enemies in order to achieve peace in the Middle East is a precursor end times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

The Israeli government has been pressured by the US for the announcement of the 1600 new housing units in Jerusalem and told to back off that plan, and now the EU is joining the US in putting pressure on Israel. Cathryn Ashton, the newly elected Foreign Policy Chief of the EU, during her Middle East diplomatic trip, has joined the course of world leaders wanting to pressure Israel to not build in its own capital city.

I mentioned earlier that the European pressure on Israel is a precursor to the last days scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy. Let me explain. In Daniel 7:7-24 we see the prophecy plan laid out for the revived Roman Empire to come into place, that is the ten horns mentioned in this passage.  If the European Union is not the fulfillment of this prophecy, it is for sure, the infrastructure for the revived Roman Empire.  The Revived Roman Empire will be lead by a powerful world leader, the little horn of Daniel 7:7-24. And he will bring peace to the Middle Eastern region. Daniel 9:27 says that he will be successful in bringing peace to the middle East.

Pressure on Israel to make concessions for a peace agreement will only intensify in the days ahead because Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.