April 29, 2010

A Chinese filmmaker says he has found Noah's Ark

There is a new claim by a Chinese filmmaker and a Turkish scientist that Noah's Ark has been found encased in ice on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey and the men say they are 99% sure that the wooden structure they filmed is the remnants of the famed ark that God instructed Noah to build to save his family and the world's animals from the Flood.

Though it would be a discovery for the ages, skeptics are already questioning the discovery, especially since the team that made the discovery is refusing to say exactly where they found the Ark with its wooden chambers still intact.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The news media is abuzz with the report of the discovery of Noah's Ark and though this may or may not be the actual Ark, the Bible and Bible prophecy do confirm the reality of the events surrounding Noah's Ark.

The story of the discovery of the Biblical Noah's Ark is being covered internationally by the news media and these reports are actually causing many to have more questions than answers on the subject. The Chinese filmmaker and the Turkish scientist involved in the discovery are refusing to reveal the actual location of the Ark, thus making it more difficult for independent scientists to confirm or deny the authenticity of the report. Though we may not know for sure if this latest report of discovering Noah's Ark is true, the report of the Ark and Noah's use of the Ark during the worldwide Flood is absolute.

The Bible gives an account of the events leading up to the Flood, the building of the Ark, and the Flood itself in Genesis 6-8. Genesis 9-11 give us the record of the lives of the eight souls saved from the Flood by Noah's Ark and how these eight people started to repopulate the earth. Jesus Christ confirmed the record of Noah and the Ark in His Olivet Discourse found in Matthew 24:37-40. In fact, Jesus foretold of the end times in this Olivet Discourse when He said that He would come back to the earth during a similar time to the days of Noah and the Ark.

I can only conclude this report by saying the Bible is true on the record of Noah and the Ark and Bible prophecy will indeed be fulfilled.