April 20, 2010

Israeli PM Netanyahu says on Israel's 62nd birthday that the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem belong to the Jewish people

Israeli PM Netanyahu kicked off Israel's 62nd birthday as a modern day state with the clear message that the reunited city of Jerusalem is not to be divided. It is Israel's undivided, eternal capital of the Jewish state.

The PM said Jews were back in the land of their forefathers because it is Jewish land and the city of Jerusalem is its capital city because it is a Jewish city as well and both the state and the city are the result of a miracle, the miracle of a people scattered around the world regathered to their nation and its capital.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The celebration of Israel's 62nd birthday is evidence of Bible prophecy being fulfilled, but also a reminder that the Jewish state today sets the stage for additional Bible prophecy to be fulfilled as well.

Israel's PM Benyamin Netanyahu told the world on the 62nd birthday of Israel that Jews are in the land of their forefathers because the land is theirs and the revived Jewish nation is the result of fulfilled Bible prophecy. The PM made it clear to all that Jerusalem is the undivided, eternal capital of the Jewish state and belongs to the Jews, also a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

In today's world, the evidence is absolute that God's prophetic Word has been fulfilled as written over 2000 years ago. This gives us a basis on which to believe that additional Bible prophecy pertaining to the Jewish state will also be fulfilled.

The ancient Jewish prophets wrote of conflict and controversy surrounding each of them. Ezekiel wrote of conflict as a coalition of nations will attack the Jewish state during the end times, Ezekiel 38. Daniel wrote Israel would have a short-lived pseudo peace before the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, comes to bring real peace to the Jewish people, Daniel 9:27. Zechariah wrote of Jerusalem becoming the center of controversy in the end times, Zechariah 12:2.

The Jewish city of Jerusalem and the Jewish state of Israel indeed are setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.