May 11, 2010

Israel's PM honors the Ethiopian Jews that faced real hardships to return to Jerusalem

Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu issued a heart felt greeting on Ethiopian Immigrant Day calling the story of that community's desire to return to Jerusalem the essence of the Jewish people's dreams and prayers as the PM recalled the difficult times during the different waves of Ethiopian Jews leaving their homeland to return to the land of their forefathers.

The Israeli PM said the return of the Ethiopian Jews to Jerusalem is a marvelous story and he pledged that his government would continue to advance the Ethiopian community in Israel and never forget the Ethiopian Jews who perished in their journey back home.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The return of the Ethiopian Jews to Jerusalem is a marvelous story according to Israel's PM Netanyahu, but it is also evidence that Bible prophecy is and will be fulfilled.

As the PM of Israel, Benyamin Netanyahu, and all Israelis remember the return of thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Jerusalem, there is a sense of urgency to help the remaining Jews in Ethiopia also to come back home to Israel. Over the last several decades, the world has witnessed these Jews in a foreign land go through hardship and even death to return to the homeland of their forefathers. I remember one such return known as, "Operation Solomon" that took place in May of 1991 when as a journalist in Jerusalem, I reported on this unique event. Within 24 hours 15000 Ethiopian Jews were transported in over 42 aircraft from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to Jerusalem.

This report is evidence that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. In Ezekiel 34, God reveals that He will search the world for the Jewish people scattered all over the world 2000 years ago and bring them back into their homeland.In Zephaniah 2:10, the prophet mentions in particular, Ethiopia, and he says that in the last days, His prize, His offering, His people, according to Isaiah 66:20, that the Lord's people, the Jewish people, will return to Jerusalem.

Today in Jerusalem and all of Israel, there are thousands of Ethiopian Jews that are now living evidence that God's prophetic Word for the return of all Jews to Israel in the last days is being fulfilled.