August 11, 2010

Over one billion Moslems around the world begin their month-long Ramadan fast

As the month-long fast of Ramadan begins for over one billion Moslems around the world, the summer heat in the Middle East, where the majority of Moslems live, this sweltering heat will present a real challenge to the devout as they observe the dawn to dusk fast.

Ramadan is the celebration of the giving of the Koran to the Moslem prophet Mohamed and the Moslem world recognizes the Koran as the final word from Allah, the Islamic god, and includes all the doctrine for the way of life for one fourth of the world's population.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As almost one fourth of the word's population celebrates the giving of their holy book, the Koran, to the Moslem prophet Mohamed, the stage is being set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

One in every four people on earth believe that the final word from their deity, Allah, is found in the Koran, the holy writ of the Moslem world. Tradition says that the angel Gabriel gave the Koran to Mohamed 1400 years ago in Saudi Arabia and this is the book that explains the way of life for Moslems worldwide. A close study of the Koran will reveal many differences in the accounts of history as explained in the Holy Bible, the holy book for Jewish and Christian people. For example, in the Old Testament, the account of Abraham taking his son to a mountain to offer him as a sacrifice is different in these two holy books.

The Bible says that Abraham took Isaac to Mount Moriah which is actually the Temple Mount in Jerusalem today, Genesis 22. The Koran says that Abraham offered Ishmael in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The Bible says the Son of God, Jesus Christ, is the Savior of the world. However, the Koran says that Allah, the god of the Moslem people, had no son and that Jesus is only a prophet who never died.

The Koran says that the Mahdi, Arabic for Messiah, will come to setup a worldwide caliphate, a kingdom that will be located in Jerusalem. However, the Bible says Jesus Christ will be the Messiah who sets up His Kingdom in Jerusalem, Zechariah 14, Ezekiel 40-46, Daniel 7:13-14, and Revelation 20:4-6.