September 08, 2010

Fidel Castro tells Iranian President Ahmadinejad to stop denying the Holocaust

In a recent interview with the Atlantic Magazine, Israel and the Jewish people found an unlikely defender in Fidel Castro, the retired dictator of Cuba, when he came out strongly against Iranian President Ahmadinejad's denial of the Holocaust and at the same time, Castro supported Israel's right to exist.

Castro told the magazine he wanted to communicate to Ahmadinejad, who has denied the Holocaust and called for Israel to be wiped off the map, to stop denying the Holocaust because there is nothing that compares to the Holocaust.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

It may seem ironic that Fidel Castro, the former Cuban dictator, tells Iranian President Ahmadinejad there is nothing which compares to the Holocaust; however according to Bible prophecy, there is a time in the future that will be worse than the Holocaust.

For several years, the radical rhetoric of Iranian President Ahmadinejad has been that the Holocaust never happened, the Jewish state is illegitimate, and Israel must be wiped off the map. Now, an unlikely defender of the Jews has stepped forward to tell Ahmadinejad to stop denying the Holocaust, there is nothing that compares to six million people being killed because they were guilty of one thing, they were Jewish. That defender, the former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro who supports the right for the Jews to exist, is wrong however that there is nothing which compares to the Holocaust.

Bible prophecy, written by the ancient Jewish prophets, reveals that there is coming a worse time than the WWII Holocaust. John the Apostle wrote in Revelation 4-19 of the time of Jacob's Trouble, a terrible time for Jews in the seven year Tribulation yet to come. Ezekiel 38 predicts that a number of Middle Eastern nations will rise and try to eliminate Israel from the earth and that would include the nation of Iran. Zechariah speaks of another Holocaust worse than the first when eight million Jews, two out of every three Jewish people on the earth, will be killed, Zechariah 13:8.

Fidel Castro is right, there was a past Holocaust that cannot be denied; however, the Jewish prophets are also right, the worst Holocaust is yet to come.